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you can set-up events in your home without borrowing umbrellas all the time and kids can play without damaging the rays of the sun under this oversized patio umbrella

Patio umbrellas have brought about a revolutionized setting to many homes around the world. However, is the umbrella setting fitting enough to your family? Do you ever wish to get an oversized patio umbrella or a small patio umbrella with a stand? Numerous companies have innovated new techniques for designing oversized patio umbrellas to attract as many customers as possible. The small patio umbrellas with a stand will still do a great deal if you do not want to spend much on giant patio umbrella.

These patio umbrellas range from Tilting umbrellas, table or free-standing umbrellas, and Cantilever umbrellas. However, choosing the patio umbrella among the types mentioned above is quite a load. It would help if you considered several factors before going for it. Factors like the size, layout, and structure of your home are quite essential to avoid regrets later when getting the oversized patio umbrella. Remember, it’s a long-term investment. You must pay attention beyond the looks. The materials used like for the stands, frame, and ribs will do a great deal in determining the lifespan of your oversized patio umbrella.

you can set-up events in your home without borrowing umbrellas all the time and kids can play without damaging the rays of the sun under this oversized patio umbrella

This article will guide you on some of the best patio umbrellas in the market and what you should appraise before getting one. Also, you can always go for the small patio umbrella depending on your needs. So, don’t feel like your hands are tied here.

Factors to consider before getting an oversized patio umbrella

Giant patio umbrellas do a great deal if you have a large family. You can set-up events in your home without borrowing umbrellas all the time; kids can play without damaging the rays of the sun. Choosing an oversized patio umbrella is very easy if you already know what you are going to get. Below are some substantial factors you should consider when getting an oversized patio umbrella.

The size to be occupied: Imagine how disappointing it would be if you bought a patio umbrella only for it not to fit in the designated area. For example, if you select an 11-foot oversized patio umbrella yet the diameter of your patio furniture is 14 ft. It would look horrible in the space. So the best option is to take the time to consider all the factors relating to the oversized patio umbrella you want. However, you can easily estimate the size of the patio umbrella that you want. For example, if a table size is 11-12 inches, then the patio umbrella should range between 13-14 feet. The same case applies to the small patio umbrella.

Aluminum oversized patio umbrella is durable, light-weight, and resistant to corrosion

The base weight of the umbrella: Bases are essential to the umbrella. A small patio umbrella with a stand or oversized patio umbrella requires stability to prevent it from falling. Due to this, the minimum base weight recommendation for an oversized patio umbrella is 70 pounds, and it can even go higher. The base size also depends on the climatic conditions of your area. If you live in a region that experiences adverse winds, you should get a massive and broad base for your oversized patio umbrella.

Your budget: The budget determines greatly which patio umbrella you are going to buy. If you are on a high budget, you can go for an oversized patio umbrella with high-quality fabrics. However, if you are on a low budget, then you can still get the patio umbrella at a very affordable price regardless of the material used. Also, there are yard sales which you can find high-quality oversized patio umbrellas at a very cheap cost. So, your budget should not be a big issue when opting for the giant patio umbrella.

this oversized patio umbrella made out of wood looks very classy and appealing

The weather condition of your area: The weather will significantly determine the size, base, and material used in your umbrella. If you live in the wind prone areas, then your patio umbrella should have a broad and massive base. If the support is substantial, the stand can be long since you don’t have to worry about stability. 

Frames Materials for Oversized Patio Umbrellas

The frame of an oversized patio umbrella carries much. Therefore, it has to be reliable at the pole, and the ribs must be flexible enough not to break when the wind blows hard. It would be all for nothing if you got the canopy right and the frame wrong. Here are the frame materials for both giant patio umbrellas and small patio umbrella.


Aluminum forms the standard for all patio umbrella frames. It is the most commonly used material because it is durable, light-weight, and resistant to corrosion. What’s more, aluminum is exceptionally workable – it can be manipulated easily to come up with numerous attractive shapes. Oversized patio umbrellas with aluminum frames look sleek and modern. It is common practice to powder- coat aluminum frames or for extra resistance to corrosion as well as wear and tear. Most giant aluminum patio umbrella poles come with a tilting mechanism, crank lifts, and other convenient features.

this steel oversized patio umbrella is easy to work into shapes, but unfortunately, it is also slightly heavier and vulnerable to corrosion


Both a giant and a small patio umbrella with a stand, when made out of wood, look very classy and appealing. Wood blends well with lush green surroundings and wooden patio furniture. Only hardwoods are used for these frames, with the most common being bamboo, teak, and eucalyptus.

However, wood umbrellas are significantly costlier than aluminum and steel because the wood has to be tweaked in many ways before it becomes a usable oversized patio umbrella frame. For instance, it has to be treated to resist decay, insects, and weather damage. Nevertheless, it still tends to fade after long periods of use and exposure to weather elements.


Steel is a cheaper alternative for aluminum. It is just as easy to work into shapes, but unfortunately, it is also slightly heavier and vulnerable to corrosion. Steel frames lose their shine faster than aluminum frames.

fiberglass patio umbrella offers the highest strength and durability


Fiberglass is on the high-end of giant patio umbrella frame and pole materials. Although it is the most expensive, fiberglass offers the highest strength and durability. Most manufacturers will use aluminum for the pole and stand then use fiberglass only where it is needed most – the ribs. Ribs that are made out of fiberglass can bend significantly under strong winds without snapping.

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