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this is a colorful patio umbrella with a circular base
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under the patio umbrella, there are four chairs and one table

There are numerous giant patio umbrellas in the market, and sometimes too much variety makes it difficult to take a pick. What do you look for when shopping for a giant patio umbrella? Read on to find out.

The frame material is important, as well. It determines how sturdy or flexible your giant patio umbrella will be. You want a framework that is sturdy and ribs, which are a bit stretchy so that they don’t snap under strong winds. Then, the base is the cornerstone. It is responsible for ensuring that the entire system doesn’t topple when subjected to the elements.

Then, there is the issue of settling on a specific shape and size. When getting a giant patio umbrella, you want to consider the shape and size because these parameters determine how well your giant patio umbrella will blend with the surrounding and also influence usability.

Giant Patio Umbrella Shapes

with a large cover, this blue patio umbrella can hold three persons

When choosing the shape of your umbrella canopy, you want to consider at least three things:
·           Personal preferences
·           The form of the space or table that you want to shed
·           Whether there are any physical limitations in your outdoor environment or not
You can pick from any of the following shapes:


A round giant patio umbrella is hexagonal or octagonal in shape, but we call it round. It is the perfect fit for shedding symmetrical spaces. They go well with conventional patio arrangements. A rounded giant patio umbrella is also convenient when you have a lot of surrounding vegetation because it minimizes the need to prune branches.

there is a yellow patio umbrella used for a family


A squared giant patio umbrella appears sleek and elegant. It looks symmetrical as well and provides a sizeable shaded region. It is the ideal solution when your patio or deck is designed with lots of parallel architectural features.

this is a white patio umbrella, it can used when you are spending your holidy


When you have an oval or elongated table, a rectangular giant patio umbrella is the way to go. If you choose to shade such a space with a square or rectangular patio umbrella, it might look disproportionate.

this black patio umbrella can shelter you easily

Giant Patio Umbrella Styles

Outdoor patio umbrellas come in many styles, but they can be put under two all-encompassing categories: center-pole and offset patio umbrellas.

1.      Center-Pole Giant Patio Umbrella

As the name suggests, a center-pole outdoor umbrella has the pole running through the center of the canopy. It is the most popular design but can further be broken down into the following three categories:

·           Market Umbrella: market patio umbrellas are by far the most popular. They feature a standard rounded shape. Also, the canopies often come with one vent for airflow although double vents are gaining popularity for their added efficiency.

·           Beach Umbrella: they are easily identifiable by their unique spike base that allows for easy insertion into the sand. Giant patio umbrellas that are meant for use at the beach have a rounded shape and include valances that hang around the edges.

·           Half Umbrella: this giant patio umbrella is purposely designed with one side flat, which enables you to place it in a flash angle with the wall. Do you wish to shed a balcony or does your porch have limited space? This giant patio umbrella design has you covered.

there is a blue patio umbrella, and there are six chairs under this patio umbrella

2.      Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Also known as offset Umbrellas, a cantilever patio umbrella is easily identifiable by its arched jointed pole that is placed off one side rather than at the center. Cantilever patio umbrellas feature a canopy that is held in place from above as well as the sides. These properties enable it to be very versatile when it comes to furniture configurations. They can be used in almost every setting.

Therefore, Cantilever patio umbrellas are more convenient. They can provide shade to both a large area and a small space without having to obstruct as a center pole would. A cantilever patio umbrella is especially the perfect solution for sheltering a table that does not come with an umbrella hole, a hot tub, and so much more.

The structural design of cantilever patio umbrellas requires that they come with a stronger base and frame to prevent toppling or snapping. These types of giant patio umbrellas are also significantly more costly than their center-poled counterparts.

under the patio umbrella, there are four chairs and one table

Giant Patio Umbrella Sizes

The perfect size for your outdoor umbrella depends on the amount of space that you want to shelter. Different sizes will have different shadow areas. For instance, an 11-foot patio umbrella will provide about 84 inches of shade depending on the region where you live. An 11-foot patio umbrella is an average size because you can get giant patio umbrellas ranging from 7’ to 14’. If you are not sure whether to go big or small, you can always choose 11-foot patio umbrellas because if the area turns out small, you won’t have to squeeze your umbrella too much. Moreover, if space ends up being big, you wouldn’t have sacrificed too much shade with the 11-foot patio umbrella.

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