Black Patio Umbrella-Are They Good Enough?

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a big black patiob umbrella provides shades for relax

Are you considering getting a black patio umbrella? You are at the right place! As you are already aware that the patio umbrella holds an essential position in a home. Not only does it gives you the shade that protects you from harmful UV rays, but it also adds beauty to your courtyard and garden. Patio umbrellas are daily needs for those outdoor activities and perfect for times when you want to sprawl by your poolside and enjoy the lush greenery of the environment. 

Patio umbrella varies in different colors that range from red, green to even orange and your choice of color depends on your preferences. Before buying a patio umbrella, it is important to know and understand the key features and color is one of them. A black patio umbrella is universal, and it can blend perfectly to your outdoor decor. This article is just to let you know that you are on the right path with your choice of black.

Why Black Patio Umbrella?

Here are some excellent reasons for buying black patio umbrellas. Have a look!

Protection in Bad Weather

It blocks UV rays as it absorbs the heat while you get to enjoy the cool atmosphere. You don’t want to expose your skin to the harmful effect of the sun. 

a big black patiob umbrella provides shades for relax


What differentiates a good umbrella from great ones is the durability. The black patio umbrella is perfect for any season and one of the best patio umbrellas for wind. The black fabric is designed for any weather effects, which makes it endure the test of time. Get the perfect shade, rain, come sunshine!


Black, in itself, is a symbol of majesty, beauty, and class. Patio umbrella also has a long history associated with royalty and regalness. With a black patio umbrella, it gives a sophisticated yet beautiful look to your environment. It does not only reflect your great sense of taste but also add comfort and beauty to your outdoor space.

Easy Maintenance

A black patio umbrella can be easily maintained. At any time or season, it doesn't get dirty quickly. More importantly, you need not worry about dark stain as it naturally doesn't reflect any stains. Perfect for raining seasons as it also hides water spots. With less elbow grease, you are ensured of a sparkling clean patio umbrella. Need I say more? When washed, the Black patio umbrella dried quickly as it absorbs heat easily as compared to other colors.

an octagonal black patio umbrella installed on the fence side to provide shades

Universal Color

You can never go wrong with black when it comes to elegance and style. This color suits well with your courtyard or garden decoration. Wondering about the color that will blend perfectly with your outdoor furniture? A black patio umbrella is the right choice.

More Options

Most of all, the types of patio umbrellas are available in black. Either you want a tilting umbrella or a Cantilever patio umbrella that will give you enough shades for those evening gatherings, they are always available in black.

As compared to other colors, a black patio umbrella is more massive, which gives a sense of comfort and elegance. In addition to this, a black patio umbrella hides any stains or dirt and can restrict any harsh conditions as compared to other colors. More interestingly, it can quickly dry when washed as black absorbs heat than any different color. Relaxing under your patio even after a few minutes of washing is possible! 

Different Black Patio Umbrella Sizes And Shapes

The black patio umbrella comes in different shapes and sizes, thus offering different options as your decorative needs dictate. Selection of the forms and dimensions depends on various factors. Which space do you want to cover? What is the size of your table? Are there any physical constraints? What are your budget and your personal preferences? Here are the different shapes include.

a rectangular black patio umbrella provides shades for relax


This is a more common type of way. A black octagonal patio umbrella can be perfectly paired with chaise lounges at the poolside or garden. For a more rounded area, this is a perfect choice as it also gives a welcoming ambiance.

Rectangular Shape

If you are looking to cover more space with a dining table and chairs, a black patio umbrella that is rectangular is the best option. It shades the entire length of the table, giving you ample space for you and your guests.


A black patio umbrella with square shape adds more elegance to modern decor style. It provides enough shades and fit for symmetrical spaces.

To choose the right size, firstly measure the size of the table and the area to be shaded. A good rule of thumb is to add 2 feet to each side of the dining table to be shaded. This will give you the right shade needed. Check if there is no physical obstruction like hanging trees and all before selecting the size.

A black patio umbrella with square shape adds more elegance


Beat staying indoors to enjoying the relaxed atmosphere under a comfortable black patio umbrella. Not only does it provide enough shade, but it also protects your garden and those outdoors furniture. 

As much as there are different colors of patio umbrellas available, black patio umbrellas are the best resistance to the harsh sun or windy times. It comes in various sizes and shapes to meet either your outdoor get-together or a play on the sand with your kids. What makes a black patio umbrella outstanding it's not only the beauty and allure it adds to your decor but the ease of maintenance and durability.

Bella W. Landry
Bella W. Landry

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