Getting the best of Wind Resistant Patio Umbrellas

this red patio umbrella with 8 feet is sun-protected and offer big space
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the green wind resistant patio umbrella is matched with several chairs and desk

It is beautiful to spend time at the beach, really it is. But, can you picture having that particular time with your friends, talking about the new deal you just signed, and how your different sports teams have been messing up of late? And then, wind from the beach blows, and your patio umbrella with stand goes floating in the sky! This is what happens when there is no wind resistant patio umbrella being used.

Hilarious…at first.

Then it isn’t.

It is embarrassing, and it is not a good sight at all.

You would feel embarrassed. That is why you need a wind resistant patio umbrella.

These are umbrellas that have the power to withstand a relatively strong gust of wind, keeping you and your friends safe and protected.

several yellow wind resistant patio umbrella ribs hanging together

Of course, the design style and color and all the many important features that you should look out for when getting your patio umbrellas should be duly noted. Still, it is great you knew what umbrellas worked best for the windy situation. You don’t want to be among the 89% of people whose patio umbrellas with stand go flying in the air due to winds.

Ok, that stat is wrong. But you get what I am driving at, don’t you?

You need a reliable wind patio umbrella or offset patio umbrella base to enjoy your time at the beach or any other windy place.

Getting a wind resistant patio umbrella does not mean that you only use it when you are headed from the beach, you can also use it at other places.

You can use it at home when you want to spend time with your family and friends.

Having said that, let us dive into the crux of the matter!

What are the things you need to look out for when getting a wind resistant patio umbrella?

The ribs:

The materials used for the frames of outdoor umbrellas differ, based on preference and where it wants to be used. There are a number of materials that can be used for making frames for patio umbrellas, but the best material is fiberglass. Fiberglass is reinforced plastics made of glass fibers embedded in resin. These materials are flexible and can withstand strong wind while retaining their shape. With a fiberglass rib, you know that when the wind blows, they won’t break off and leave you helpless.

the green wind resistant patio umbrella is matched with several chairs and desk


You can use a number of materials for the outdoor umbrellas, but for a wind patio umbrella, the best materials for the canopy are thatch and olefin. For thatch, aside from the tropical appearance that it gives, the high ventilation, canopies made from thatch are resistant to wind. They can withstand strong wind pressures are beautiful aesthetically.

the red wind resistant patio umbrella has a shape of a circle and make a great shelter


Size matters a lot in selecting your umbrellas. One of the most important factors is the height of the pole. There is really no ‘best’ size to pick from; you can choose from the many size ranges. It is advisable to choose umbrellas with 9 to 11 feet in height. Now, the height of the feet depends on the length of the pole. With a longer pole, you will raise an umbrella that will contain more people and also withstand strong winds.

Material for the pole:

When you have a long pole, you definitely need a material that would not bend when that wind comes. For cantilever patio umbrellas, it is advisable to use aluminum poles. They are stronger and can withstand the wind at your backyard.

this wind resistant patio umbrella has particular shapes and it keep people cool and comfortable with a spacious room of shade

● The lift mechanism: This is the mechanism that helps you unfurl the umbrella and get the canopy spread out for use. There are loads of lift mechanisms for outdoor umbrellas, but it is preferable to use the crank as your choice lift mechanism. Cranks are built such that they have turned in a certain direction to open the umbrella. This system is preferable for windy areas because they don’t break under pressure from winds, and a bonus: they are easy to use. In addition, because wind resistant umbrellas are usually wide, the crank system fits the bill perfectly. You can also use the push-up system and the pulley systems, but the crank is better for windy areas.

● The tilt mechanism: Just like the lift mechanism, some outdoor umbrellas, be it a market umbrella or cantilever umbrella, have different tilt mechanism. There are a right or wrong choice here, all the options—cranks, collar, and push—are great for windy areas. The tilt mechanism is the mechanism that allows you to tilt or turn the canopy of your umbrella whichever way you please, depending on the direction of the sun.

this is a very huge wind resistant patio umbrella that is stable and steady even in bad weather

Light: This is not a compulsory feature to look at, but it is imperative if you plan on spending time under the umbrellas in the evenings. Most offset umbrellas, the Hampshire bay 11 ft umbrellas, for example, have solar-powered lights.

this good-looking wind resistant patio umbrella can resist string wind and heavy rains

There are a number of offset patio umbrella base that is great for windy weathers. Some of them, based on reviews from websites like Amazon, rate it as the best outdoor umbrella. The sturdy nature of the poles, the umbrella canopy, the fiberglass ribs and the variety of colors to choose from makes this a perfect fit for the harsh windy weathers.

Looking for all of these components that make a good wind resistant patio umbrella before buying is important, but what is even more important is that you have fun while choosing one for you and your family; it can also be a style statement so rock it!

Leon L. Dixon
Leon L. Dixon

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