Know Your Way Around Selecting Heavy-duty Patio Umbrellas

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Guide to Choosing a Market Patio Umbrella
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this is a blue patio umbrella that can be used by a family

Patio umbrellas have gained much attention from both the commercial and residential sectors. Currently, many homes, coffee shops, and restaurants have it which serves different purposes.  The heavy-duty patio umbrella comes with cool features like durable material, portability, and most of all, a solid construction.  This patio umbrella with stand also has a variety of colors for you to pick.

This article aims at giving you full details concerning durability, efficiency, and the solidity. Are you wondering whether the heavy-duty patio umbrella can withstand whimsical weather conditions? Yes, this patio umbrella can survive in harsh weather conditions, and the exciting part is that they come with waterproof capabilities.  

How do you choose the Best heavy-duty patio umbrella in the Market?

To select this giant patio umbrella, you need to put some factors down, and they include the following:
The location you live in or geographic position
The intended purpose of the heavy-duty patio umbrella
Area of coverage
Your personal aesthetic inclinations or that of your customers

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Location is crucial before opting for a heavy-duty patio umbrella. You need to understand the weather condition of the place to know which material will suit your patio umbrella with stand best. The location determines the quality of your patio umbrella. If you live in a windy place, then you will need a heavy-duty patio umbrella since it has a lot of stability and resistance to the elements. The patio umbrella should also have a broad and stable base to keep the entire structure steady.

this is a brown patio umbrella that can be used in home

The intended purpose of the heavy-duty patio umbrella

This patio umbrellas serve many purposes – like hosting events, pools, restaurants or for recreational purposes. If it is for hosting events, then you want to go for an umbrella that has outstanding stability. A patio umbrella with a broad stand is the best option here. If you don’t know how to choose the patio umbrella for a specific task, then do some online research. So, if you are reading this, you are already on the right track.

this is a blue patio umbrella that can be used by a family


How easily can you move your heavy-duty patio umbrella from one point to another? Many patio umbrellas have wheels at the base of the stand. The wheels allow you to move the patio umbrella swiftly from one point to another. In some cases, the patio umbrella lacks these wheels; hence, you have to detach everything before you are free to move it around. So it is better to go for the patio umbrella with wheels to be on the safe side.

in the garden, this small patio umbrella can shelter you

Area of coverage

This will help you in determining the size and shape of the heavy-duty patio umbrella. If you want a giant patio umbrella for a patio that is squeezed or surrounded by vegetation, a circular shape is your best option. For commercial purposes, you can opt for a patio umbrella with a broad umbrella to accommodate as many people as possible.

it is a tilt patio umbrella that suitable for one person

Giant patio umbrellas require appropriate maintenance so that they can last for a long time and save you the hassle of shopping for parts regularly. Maintenance can be done in the following ways;

  • Cleaning the fabric – Fabric cleaning can make the patio umbrella to last for a long time without wearing out. It can be done using special detergents which can be bought along-side the patio umbrella depending on the brand. Also, soft bristle brushes should  be used to remove dirt.
  • Greasing the joints – Your patio umbrella with a stand should be greased at the joints between the base and stand as well as tilting mechanism. This will lower friction, and you will realize that the heavy-duty patio umbrella stays highly portable.
  • Painting the stand – The heavy-duty patio umbrella requires painting once in a while since it stays outdoors. However, several patio umbrellas with a stand use Anti-rust Aluminum. If that is the case, you don’t have to paint the base. If your patio umbrella with stand is made out of steel, then you may be required to do some painting.
  • Changing wheels of the heavy-duty patio umbrella – latest models of the patio umbrellas have wheels at the base. If you often move the heavy-duty patio umbrella from one point to another, you should check the condition of your tyres.  Some brands provide you with spare wheels so you can replace the worn-out ones after some time. However, if that’s not the case, then you can always get them from us.
Stuart D. Rodriguez
Stuart D. Rodriguez

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