Purposes of Rectangular Patio Umbrella

this white outdoor patio umbrella with LED lights provides a beautiful backdrop to your party
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  the table round patiou mbrella comes with a massive base that can stand on itself without requiring support from the table.
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this patio table umbrella is the most common and popular shade-providing umbrella

Just as the name suggests, rectangular patio umbrellas are canopies or umbrellas that are rectangular in shape and design and function as a medium of shade-provider in our gardens and lawns. In summer, we always like to take a break and soak in the sunshine. However, sometimes the sun rays get unbearable so that we want a cool shade to get rid of sweltering. What do we need, then? Just a patio umbrella! They are easy to setup. And you’ll feel cozy and relaxed under a rectangular patio umbrella in the hot summer.

Types of Patio Umbrellas:

Before getting anything, we always ask, “What are my other options?” We want the best of everything. Therefore, there are a variety of patio umbrellas that we can take into consideration under this heading.

Patio table umbrella: These patio table umbrellas are the most common and popular shade-providing umbrellas. They are also known as rectangular patio umbrellas due to their square shape. Just like their name, these umbrellas mostly stand on the hole provided in the patio tables. These umbrellas look similar to the ones that can be held in your hand but are a lot bigger in size. They can be used anywhere, starting from your lawn to your yard.

this patio table umbrella is the most common and popular shade-providing umbrella
  • Tilting Umbrella: The tilting umbrellas are featured with pivoting or tilting function, which differentiates them from the table umbrellas. Around three-quarters of the pole for the umbrella can rotate around it. These are a viable option as they are flexible and rotatable. You can move them in the direction that the sun rays are coming from. And the patio umbrella replacement canopy of tilting umbrella is usually big enough for family tea time.
this tilting patio umbrella can adjust according to the angles of the sun
  • Palapa Tiki-Style Umbrella: The exotic look of these umbrellas makes it a suitable option for beaches as well as poolside. Depending on where you use it, the stands need to be adjusted accordingly. For instance, on the beach, they can be shoved into the sand; but for a poolside, you would need patio umbrella stands with a base of around 50 pounds. These are made of faux grass to give it a natural look that gives off a tiki hut look.
the exotic look of these umbrellas makes it a suitable option for beaches as well as poolside
  • Cantilever patio umbrellas: The cantilever patio umbrellas have their poles situated in the side. They are handy in a way that you do not specifically need patio tables; any table can set under it for dining and drinking purposes. These umbrellas come with a support base that is big enough to make it stand on the side.
 any table can set under this Cantlever pati umbrella for dining and drinking purposes
  • Commercial Patio Umbrella: Just as the name suggests, they are supplied for commercial purposes in hotels and resorts. You will also find them outside of coffee shops and cafes. They have a decorative appeal about them.
this kind of commercial patio umbrella are supplied for commercial purposes in hotels and resorts

Purposes of Rectangular Patio Umbrellas

There are many reasons why rectangular patio umbrellas are just the shade providers you have been looking for and most importantly need. They are multi-purpose and super functional. Therefore, rectangular patio umbrellas can be applied for multiple reasonsas follows:

  • Shade-provider: A patio umbrella’s primary purpose is to provide shade from the powerful rays of the sun. They are made out of a roofing material that provides shade and is water-resistant. Some of them also have a push-button for tilting purposes.
  • Provides shelter from the rain: When it is a rainy day, and you want to enjoy the rain without getting wet, the patio umbrellas shall offer you great help. They are also tilt-able towards the direction that the draft is pouring. However, besides enjoying the rains, you need not worry about the patio tables and furniture getting ruined from rainwater as well.
  • Looks Great:There are multi-color patio umbrellas available for you to pick from. They have a fantastic look. While choosing these patio umbrellas remember to check for the durability of the patio umbrella stands. That is a significant part of the umbrellas.
this patio umbrella adds brilliance to your garden, and you can have a tea party with your friends
  • Garden Umbrella: As mentioned earlier, as garden umbrellas with stands, they can be used anywhere from gardens to lawns and yards. Place them in your garden, and you will be able to have small tea-parties outdoors without worrying about the UV rays. Some even have LED lights in them, which are a great addition to the appeal of your home. If you are searching for garden umbrella prices, then do not worry as these are pocket-friendly.
  • Good choice for shops: Looking for a big umbrella for your coffee shop or restaurant with limited space inside? Then you can purchase a rectangular patio umbrella to put outside so that you can entertain a few more customers. If you have a small grocery store or anything else like that, it will also be a good option to consider as they provide a unique shade.
this green patio umbrella can be a great shelter for swimming in summer

In conclusion, there are a variety of patio umbrellas for you to pick from as they come in various colors and with various added features. There are so many to choose from! They not only provide shade but also act as a great attraction improving the look and feel of the place. If you were looking for one reason to get a rectangular patio umbrella, we just provided you with many.

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