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this red patio umbrella with 8 feet is sun-protected and offer big space

Life is beautiful, and this is evident in the scenery all around us. Spending time outdoors is one way to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Everything comes alive in the outdoors; Hence, it is always good for health that individuals spend ample time daily outdoors. Except in the event of severe health issues, it is hard to go a whole week without taking out time outside to relax alone or with friends. It is why patio umbrellas are increasingly becoming a must-have for every home.

Why Red Patio Umbrella?

it  is a red 4 foot patio umbrella that can tilt, building a comfortable shelter for people to take a rest

Patio umbrellas do not just serve to give shade and protection from the rain; they also add color and finesse to your home. Which color do you think will come out better regardless of where it is pitched anywhere around your home? The red color!

Red is a vibrant color that can reflect anywhere it is used. It is why Red Patio umbrellas are simply the best color to go for. Furthermore, the red color does an excellent job of shielding the sun. The sun itself more often has a reddish tint, and this makes red patio umbrellas the right color to go for.

Consider your Landscape

there is a beautiful red patio umbrella taking a role in offering shade

Before going ahead with the purchase of a red patio umbrella or cantilever patio umbrella, there is an essential bit of information you ought to consider, and that is your landscape.

Every house is not built the same way. Landscape, terrain, and building designs are some of the things that differ from home to home, although the environmental factors in a particular community may be relatively stable. As the designs and patterns in nearby houses may be different, so we must consider them before going out to the outdoor umbrella.

Perfect Spot

when you decide to buy a red patio umbrella, you have to consider where you can place a red patio umbrella. A perfect spot will give you a different feeling, besides, you should think what scene you need a red patio umbrella.

this is a red patio umbrella functioning as a shelter in the blistering summer day

Proximity to Grill or Outdoor Kitchen

For obvious reasons, red patio umbrellas are made of fabric and are therefore combustible under sustained heat. It makes them unsuitable to be cited anywhere around the fire, which is why you must pay attention to the location of the grill or outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to expose your house to further hazards. So the farther the umbrella is from open flames, the better it is for you, your loved ones as well as your properties.

this red patio umbrella with 8 feet is sun-protected and offer big space

Size Matters

When it comes to anything design related, we tend to get easily swayed by appliances we see in friends’ houses and immediately determine to get the same thing. Sometimes without even necessarily taking cognizance of the appropriate size, we can get for ourselves. Your neighbor’s patio umbrella may not be the right size for you.

this red patio umbrella is set up in a garden and decorates the whole house together with those flowers

Measure the Table

For what purpose are you purchasing the cantilever patio umbrella? Is it to provide shade for a patio table? If so, then the size of the table will play an important role, because you don’t like umbrellas that are too disproportionate to the size of the table. In this scenario, it is easy to assume, but it is better to be sure. It is why that measure table first to arrive at the best size.

Here’s the deal, you don’t need to fret yourself on the right size of an umbrella. The most appropriate umbrella sizes about table sizes have expatiated below so you can see any oversized patio umbrella:

Table sizeAppropriate Umbrella Size (Diameter)
30 to 36 inches tables6 to 8 feet
38 to 48 inches tables9 to 11 feet
54 to 60 inches tables11 feet or larger
this tilting red patio umbrella stands in fornt of a villa, offering a entertaining place for house owners

Cantilever Patio Table

It is not all patio tables that need to be inserted into a table. So are designed to stand alone. The Cantilever is one of the most popular variants of patio tables because of its adaptability to various settings. It is easy to place the cantilever patio umbrella on it. The base and pole of the umbrella are away from the middle; hence, it can be adjusted easily, and this gives it the edge over patio umbrellas that rely on tables.

this red patio umbrella add color and finesse to people's homes


We already know that patio umbrellas come in different sizes as well as colors. Sometimes they are oversized patio umbrellas, while they are moderate at other times. They also come in various forms. Naturally, the round shape is a more typical shape when it comes to umbrella designs. At least most of the household umbrellas come in this shape, but not all patio umbrellas come in the round shape. Some may be rectangular in look, and some may even be octagonal. Patio umbrellas are fashionable, so it is reasonable to expect new edgy shapes to be produced in the nearest future.

this red patio umbrella serves to give shade and protection from the rain
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