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this is a colorful patio umbrella with a circular base

Striped patio umbrellas are a great addition to any home or business. They come with a mix of colors that if picked well, can blend excellently with the patio furniture and the surrounding. Some people prefer hairline stripes, barcode stripes, serpentine stripes, or any other design, but, ultimately, it’s the canopy fabric type that matters the most. It determines the quality of protection you will get from the elements, convenience when cleaning, and even durability of the canopy. Here are the popular striped umbrella fabrics to consider:

Sun umbrella Fabric

Sun umbrella forms the gold standard when it comes to patio umbrella fabrics. It is available in numerous designs and goes well with any outdoor umbrella, including striped patio umbrellas, offset rectangular patio umbrella, and so much more.

Sun umbrella is so common that most people type “Sun umbrella” when shopping for a striped patio umbrella online. Sun umbrella, however, is a fabric brand and not a striped patio umbrella brand. This popular fabric from Glen Raven Mills is a heavy-duty solution-dyed acrylic material that is manufactured with locked-in colors.

The primary factors fuelling the popularity of sunbrella fabric in the manufacture of various outdoor umbrellas such as striped patio umbrellas and offset rectangular patio umbrellas is its durability. It is significantly resistant to wear and tear as well as fading. No wonder most striped patio umbrella manufacturers who use this fabric are confident enough to give a fade warranty of up to 5 years!

Another attribute that makes sunbrella fabric ideal for striped patio umbrellas is its resistance to UV rays from the sun. Tests have established that sunbrella filters up to 98% of the ultraviolet rays. Not to forget, it has excellent water-repelling properties because the fibers are woven at close intervals. However, sun umbrella is not entirely water-resistant. Nevertheless, next time you are shopping for a striped patio umbrella or when there is a patio umbrella sale, be sure to consider sun umbrella fabric.

this is a colorful patio umbrella with a circular base


Polyester is a human-made fabric that is light in weight, breathable, and cost-effective to produce. You will always see polyester patio umbrella sales from time to time. It is a common material in the manufacture of many things – such as outdoor furniture and clothes. However, it does not have natural abilities to resist water, and it’s not excellent at preventing fading either. Leading striped patio umbrella fabric manufactures like to coat the material with scotch guard or polyurethane to enhance its resistance to fading.

You might want to keep off striped patio umbrellas (or any other) that have canopies made out of polyester if your region experiences extreme weather conditions – like Arizona. It will fade faster than anther other umbrella fabrics. Also, if you buy one, you might want to consider lighter colors such as white and beige – they fade much slower than the likes of blue and green. Lastly, you must always keep your polyester striped patio umbrella away from flames.

this is a white patio umbrella used for sheltering four prople


This solution-dyed acrylic fabric is standard in many outdoor umbrellas, including offset rectangular patio umbrellas, market umbrellas, and striped patio umbrellas among others. Although acrylic is slightly less weighty than sun umbrella, it is still good at repelling water and UV rays. The only downside, when compared to a sun umbrella, is that acrylic is more susceptible to fading. Manufacturers of acrylic offer a 1-year warranty period only.

with large fabric, this red patio umbrella is outstanding


Olefin too is a common striped patio umbrella material. It is solution dyed too ad regarded as a high-density light-weight material. This woven fabric does a great job at protecting against harmful UV rays, fading, and staining.

Striped patio umbrellas with canopies made of olefin are durable and easy to clean. They often come with a one-year warranty against fading.

this is a yellow patio umbrella with a white tent pole


When shopping for outdoor umbrellas such as an offset rectangular patio umbrella or whenever there is a patio umbrella sale, Coolaroo is a fabric name that will always surface at some point. This fabric is excellent at blocking up to 90% UV and maintaining low temperatures within the shaded space. It can cool down the area under the canopy by up to 30%. Additionally, the fabric is also resistant to mildew, breathable, and easy to clean. It often comes with a 5-year warranty.

this brown patio umbrella has a flexible tent to adjust

In summary, Sun umbrella, polyester, and olefin are 100% solution-dyed fabrics while Coolaroo is a dyed high-density knitted polyethylene fabric. They all offer some degree of protection from UV light, but the sun umbrella is the most efficient, at 98%. Next is Coolaroo at 90%, followed by Olefin with a UPF of 80 and, finally, polyester with a UPF of 40.

They are all good at resisting mildew, but when it comes to water, Coolaroo performs poorly. Nevertheless, they are all still permeable to some degree. More so, when it comes to cleaning, sun umbrella, and olefin can be cleaned with soap, water, and even bleach. Polyester and olefin, however, don’t do well with bleach.

As for the unique factors, it is worth mentioning that Green-guard and Skin Cancer Foundation certifies sun umbrella. Polyester is exceptionally soft to the touch. Olefin is 100% recyclable, and OEKO-TEX certified. Coolaroo has an excellent ability to allow airflow and is therefore ideal for hot regions.

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